Example of a strategy mission

The project

In 2007, the French government launched a master plan for the modernisation of its universities.

To implement this project, the Conférence des presidents d’Université and the Caisse des Dépôts (Deposits and Consignments Fund) launched a set of studies on several aspects of this modernisation: real estate, sustainable development, foundations, digital technologies, etc.

Our intervention – Methodology
  1. A preliminary study of the existing situation, which showed a lack of understanding of digital challenges by the decision-makers, as well as a lack of strategic approach
  2. Building a consensus around the design of a methodology guide with all stakeholders.
  3. Co-financing of local strategic studies to set the foundations of the project (governance, funding, planning), and follow-up to identify and exchange good practices. Meanwhile, publication of methodology guides and examples of good practices identified in international benchmarks.
  4. Specific studies on investment projects led by the Caisse des Dépôts (Deposits and Consignments Fund).

4 investment opportunities, 5 publications, 20 master plans, over 200 million euros of investments in the Schémas Directeurs Numériques (Digital Master Plans), and over 1 million students impacted.