Example of a strategy mission

The project

In 2007, France launched a master plan for the modernisation of its universities.

To implement this project, the Conférence des presidents d’Université and the Caisse des Dépôts (Deposits and Consignments Fund) launched a set of studies on several aspects of this modernisation: real estate, sustainable development, foundations, digital technology, etc.

Our intervention – Methodology
  1. The first study showed a lack of apprehension of the digital stakes by the decision-makers, as well as a lack of strategic approach
  2. Building of a consensus around the conception of a methodology guide with all stakeholders.
  3. Co-financing of local strategic studies to set the foundations of the project (governance, funding, planning), and a follow-up to identify and share good practises. Meanwhile, we published a guide of effective methodologies and good practises identified in international benchmarks.
  4. Specific studies on Caisse des Dépôts (Deposits and Consignments Fund) investment projects.

4 investment opportunities, 5 publications, 20 master plans, over 200 million euros of investments in the Schémas Directeurs Numériques (Digital Master Plans), and over 1 million students impacted.