Example of an evaluation mission

About the project

Since 2010, France launched a call for e- Education projects within the framework of the “Investissements d’Avenir” program.

After the results of this call for projects, the Ministry of National Education took in charge the answers, and asked us to support and follow the selection process, as well as the negotiation and implementation of the selected projects.

Our intervention – Methodology
  1. Implementation of a global methodology of shared evaluation (processes, tables, criteria).
  2. Training, individual coaching and group management of the Ministry of National Education instructors.
  3. Analysis and recommendations of the most complex files.
  4. Valorisation and communication of the selected projects.
  5. Management of the projects’ launching.

10 supported projects, 34 selected projects, 87 files analysed, 120 project managers funded, 30 million euros invested.