Example of an implementation mission

About the project

The presence of a scientific, technical and industrial culture is still lacking in traditional teaching methods.

The Ministry of National Eduation and the Canopé network wish to be supported to launch a project to share and develop educational resources highlighting the value of industrial professions.

Our intervention – Methodology
  1. Setting-up of a pre-project: set the basis, identify potential partners, raise funding, set a calendar.
  2. Building of partnerships and consolidation of the team project.
  3. Following of all project areas: platform, contents, experimentations and evaluation. Overall, our work was based in three guidelines:
  4. Strategic piloting (consolidation of committees, conventions, communication, business plans).
  5. Operational piloting (management tools, financial running, change management).
  6. Technical piloting (with the operators of the platform and information systems interfacing, etc.)

3 industrial branches accompanied, 15 mobilised partners, 2.9 million euros of collected subventions, 6.9 million euros raised to fund the project.