Example of an implementation mission

About the project

Traditional teaching methods and content struggle to promote a genuine scientific, technical and industrial culture among students.

In light of this situation, the French Ministry of Education and the Canopé network requested our support to launch a project aimed at developing and dissemination digital educational resources promoting industrial professions.

Our intervention – Methodology
  1. Setting up a pre-project: set the basis, identify potential partners, raise funding, set a calendar.
  2. Building partnerships and consolidating the project team.
  3. Supporting and monitoring all aspects of the project: platform, contents, experimentations and evaluation, following three guidelines:
    1. Strategic steering (comitology, conventions, communication, business plans).
    2. Operational steering (management tools, financial guidance, change management).
    3. Technical steering (with the operators of the platform and information systems interfacing, etc.)

3 industrial branches supported, 15 partners mobilised, 2.9 million euros of collected subventions, 6.9 million euros raised to fund the project.