Example of an incubation mission

About the project

The Canopé network (Pedagogic Accompanying and Creation Network) wishes to produce innovative contents that bring teaching practices closer to real-life situations (“authentic learning”). Canopé wishes to implement an innovating production methodology to:

  • Foster creativity;
  • Limit time extensions and production costs;
  • Be quickly tested to answer efficiently to the encountered challenges and improve the relevance of contents.
Our intervention – Methodology
  1. An overview of the state-of-art and an international benchmark of similar so-production projects.
  2. Mediation between all different stakeholders (inspectors, teachers, National Education Ministry, professional branches) to discuss challenges, tackle objectives and gather propositions.
  3. Proposal of a production framework based on “Fabédu” challenges consisting of 3 steps:

I. Collaboration day: to foster exchanges between professional branches and teachers from various levels and subjects to identify their common denominators within the program. These exchanges allowed the production of documents that fed further reflexions.

II. Production day: gathering creatives, designers and teachers in order to imagine the different scenarios that could be created from educational resources.

III. Testing: within various school and with the professional branches in order to validate and improve the considered projects, before starting an industrial production of resources.


A holistic methodology that is currently being experimented.