Example of an incubation mission

Creation of a public-private partnership for the production of digital educational resources

About the project

Today, however, the education system struggles with making industrial activities attractive enough to students. The technical and industrial culture is yet to be integrated to general education, which leads to misconceptions and stereotypes about the industry.

Partnerships between the educational and industrial communities resulted in the production of digital resources introducing students to an authentic vision of the industry, from Year 7 pupils to 2-year higher education students, including apprentices. These achievements show the need to go further in encouraging relations between school and the industry.

The French Ministry of Education, along with the Ministry of the Economy & Finance and the National Council of Industry, wants to create a public benefit foundation to foster the production of digital educational resources related to the industry and to produce a large-scale impact.

Our intervention – Methodology
  • Organisation of meeting between stakeholders: General Inspectorate, Ministry of Education, industrial actors and teachers
  • Definition of the structure and governance principles
  • Drafting of a business model based on a benchmark of similar projects
  • Development of strategic axes (production, diffusion and communication)
  • Development a project promoting the creation of innovative digital educational resources (Réseau-Canopé, 2015-2016).
  • Conception of an innovative method to evaluate formal and informal skills (Ministry of Education, 2012).
  • Conception and implementation of a quantitative tool to evaluate the use of Virtual Learning Environments (CDC, 2005-2012).