We advise and support decision-makers in their transformation projects

All education systems are renewing themselves to be in tune with the needs of society. Digital explosion, 21st century skills development, acceleration of trades evolution, etc. The factors driving a continuous evolution of education systems are numerous.

In this context, we develop and support innovative projects at all levels of education (primary, secondary, higher, continuous), under different prisms (prospective, strategic plans, operational projects, organization of services, implementation of systems information, calls for projects, evaluations, etc.), and at all levels of action (territorial, national and international).

This support requires a good understanding of the environment in which the projects are written, personalized methodologies, knowledge of the business lines and a listening capacity to devise appropriate solutions.

Who we are

We are specialized in the education sector, and have a dual approach (public policy and engineers), which makes us a unique player in the market. Teaching is not a sector like any other, it requires a deep understanding of the specificity of the various professions, the context and the devices, as well as a capacity to listen and adapt to implement methodologies and adapted solutions. In order to offer tailor-made expertise, all our consultants have in-depth knowledge of the education sector, experience in positions of responsibility, and a know-how adapted to this environment.

Ethics is a fundamental criterion to ensure the quality of our services. We are positioned solely on supporting general interest projects and never work for service providers to ensure our neutrality.

We adopt our methodologies constantly because for us, each educational approach is unique. Our services are not based on the mere replication of processes, but on the creation of innovative approaches focused on the identification of best practices and the valorization of the steps taken. We offer tools designed according to the existing and adapted to the needs of the customer. To respect this principle, we are not limited to just one aspect of education policy or to one territory.

Our pragmatism is based on all of these principles and all our deliverables meet these requirements.

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Our current missions

Deployment of ERAM in primary schools

Following the successful deployment of ERAM in middle and high schools, with half of French secondary schools connected in less than two years, we are helping the Ministry to connect all primary schools to ERAM by adapting our methodology and our tools.

Our multidisciplinary team provides support at each step of your project


  • Sector watch operations, national and international benchmarks
  • Feasibility studies, market and business model studies
  • Strategic plans, master plans, forecasting plans, partnership agreements
  • Crisis management strategy conception

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  • Designing and steering experimentations and project iteration plans
  • Setting up call for projects and fundraising
  • Economic model studies
  • Business plan development

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  • Support to the steering of complex programs involving various stakeholders
  • Drafting contracts and work specifications/guidelines
  • Support and follow-up during the implementation and the operational launch of Information Systems
  • Assistance to functional and technical project management (ICT)
  • Implementing internal and external communication plans

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Evaluation & Change Management

  • Project management, evaluation of operational tools and communication strategies
  • Assessment of the current state
  • Audits (ITC policy, project, organisation, systems)
  • Implementing change management plans
  • Training and coaching of stakeholders

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