Five partners, high standard experts in digital education

Our approach
  • Quality services led by experts in various areas of education policies.
  • Constant attention devoted to the needs of our clients and the expectations of their environment.
  • Providing a know-how that is flexible and constantly adapts to the particular needs of our clients..
  • Partnering with other consultancy firms whose expertise complements ours, and whose experience matches their reputation.

This approach is the basis of the sustainable relationship we maintain with our clients.

Simon FAUSimon FAU, CEO

Having followed a broad and general training (Sciences Po., Sciences Info-com, Law), Simon Fau has accompanied decision-makers in the design and implementation of public policies for 13 years. He has worked with the most important public actors in the education sector in France and at the international level: Ministère de l’Education Nationale (Ministry of National Education), de l’Enseignement supérieur (of Higher Education and Research), des Affaires Etrangères (of Foreign Affairs and International Development), local authorities, Caisse des Dépôts (Deposits and Consignments Fund), OECD, etc.
He is specialized in innovative education policies at all levels: primary, high school, higher education and continuous training.

Gilles RICHARDGilles RICHARD, Managing Director

Engineer with 18 years of experience, Gilles Richard spent 3 years designing e-Business apps at IBM before managing the e-Commerce projects at Galeries Lafayette for 5 years. Since 2007, has been working as a consultant for innovative projects.

  •  Strategic and financial framework, digital projects management, dashboards (key indicators, risks, etc.);
  •  Expertise in User Experience (UX) and functional specification: expressing needs, specifications, models, receipts;
  •  Project assessment: studies, diagnosis, implementation and analysis of statistical indicators.

Gérard PUIMATTO, Partner

Expert in e-education, he directed both French institutions and education policies at local and national levels. Gérard Puimatto is specialized in digital education resources and is particularly interested in public policies that enhance their development. Trained as a scientist (Mathematics professor, PhD in Information and Communication Sciences), he masters the technical skills necessary to approach, pilot the production and disseminate digital tools for education.


Françoise COUTELLIERFrançoise COUTELLIER, Partner

Former education district supervisor, Françoise Coutellier has a long experience in the fields of education and professional training. She is familiar with public organisations, as well as national and local governance. Specialized in public policy evaluation, she also intervenes in advising national and local stakeholders in their educational and training projects.


PhD in Communication Sciences, Stéphanie Dilliere-Brooks has managed advising and training missions in strategic communication and management of sanitary and social projects both at national and international levels for 15 years. She has a proven her expertise in various grounds:  diagnosis, strategy, implementation and evaluation. She is familiar with the private, public and associative sectors.