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We advise and support decision-makers in their transformation projects

Education systems are rapidly evolving to be in tune with the needs of society. Digitalization and technological progress, implementation of 21st century skills, changes in the nature of jobs... The factors driving the continuous evolution of education systems are numerous.

In this context, we develop and support innovative projects at all education levels (primary, secondary, higher and continuous education), from different perspectives (prospective, strategic plans, operational projects, organization of services, implementation of systems information, calls for projects, evaluations, etc.), and at all levels of action (local, national and international).

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Our originality lies in three different aspects:

We specialize in the education sector, and have a dual approach (public policy and data/engineering), which makes us a unique player in the market.

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 Ethics is one of our core values and contributes to the quality of our work, which is why we only work for public-interest projects. 

We tailor our tools and methodologies to address the specificities of each educational projects, build on previous achievements and identify best practices. 


1) Sector watch operations, national and international benchmarks
2) Feasibility and market studies
3) Strategic plans, forecasting, partnership agreements
4) Crisis management strategy conception
5) Stakeholder engagement strategies 


1) Designing and steering experimentations and project iteration plans
2) Setting up call for projects and fundraising
3) Economic model studies
4) Business model development



1) Support in high-stake, complex project management
2) Support and follow-up during the implementation and operational launch of Information Systems
3) Support in functional and technical project management (ICT)
4) Software architecture design


1. Assessment of existing needs
2. Evaluation of operational tools and communication strategies
3. Implementing change management plans
4. Audits (ITC policy, project, organisation, systems)
5. Training and coaching






Elaboration of a development plan
ICT skills and strengthening capacity for Africa

For its project to develop digital skills across the continent, Smart Africa appointed EFFIOS and One Point to draft a blueprint based on an international benchmark of existing initiatives aimed at integrating digital technology into daily life. 

School continuity and data management

As the pandemic led to booming VLE usage as schools had to closed, the Ministry of Education asked EFFIOS to develop VLE dashboards and studies to leverage the National Audience Measurement System for data-driven educational project management throughout the country. 

Feasibility study for a Digital Hub for Education and Training

The Department of Vienne, supported by all local stakeholders, appointed EFFIOS and Scet to define the outlines of a project responding the the vision "Poitiers-Futuroscope, capital of education". qui réponde à la vision « Poitiers – Futuroscope, capitale de l’éducation ».