Example of project implementation

Design and deployment of the Resource Access Manager in primary and secondary schools

The project

The Gestionnaire d’Accès aux Ressources (GAR) supports the development of the use of digital resources. It guarantees the protection of the personal data of pupils and teachers. This is a service offered free of charge by the Ministry of National Education which mobilizes all stakeholders within a simplified legal framework for schools.

The Ministry of National Education and Youth required support in deploying this tool in secondary schools and in primary schools.

Our intervention - methodology

  • Drafting specifications
  • Conception of the technical infrastructure
  • Project management assistance in three areas:
    – Strategic management (steering committees, communication, business model),
    – Operational management (management tools, financial management, change management),
    – Technical management (with platform operators and IS interfacing, etc.).


For the deployment in secondary school, 30 partners with local territories and 5,893 lower primary and upper primary schools connected to the GAR in two years.

Deployment in primary schools currently underway.

Other references in project implementation

  • Gestionnaire d’Accès aux Ressources (GAR): support in the strategy, implementation and generalization of the solution (MENJ, 2016-2020).MENJ, 2016-2020).
  • Support for a teaching project resulting from a public-private partnership, "School, digital and industry" (MEN/Réseau-Canopé, 2015-2016).
  • Design and production of a white label portal "My child at primary school" (CDC, 2009-2011).
  • Implementation of an online quantitative tool for monitoring the uses of digital workspaces in middle and high schools and developments (MEN, 2006-2011).
  • Establishment of a national service for answers to guiding questions (ONISEP, 2010).