Example of an incubation project

Project on the creation of the Fondation École Industrie to bring together public and private funds in the production of digital educational resources

The project

The Ministry of National Education and Youth, in partnership with the Ministry of the Economy and Finance and the CNI, aimed to create a foundation recognized as being of public utility to act as a lever in the financing of digital resources enhancing industry in education. This approach is part of the continuity of the Etincel project and the multiple partnerships that have been forged between public and private actors at the national and regional level.

Our intervention - methodology

  • Analysis of the present state and creation of a roadmap
  • Meetings between stakeholders to discuss the challenges of the project and collect proposals: General Inspectorate, Ministry, professional branches, professors
  • Proposed structure and governance principles of the Foundation
  • Development of an economic model following a benchmark of comparable projects
  • Development of strategic lines of production, distribution and communication


Strong industry support, who consider the Fondation École Industrie as a vehicle capable of sustaining the production of resources while providing a significant lever for change by reaching a wider audience.

Other references on incubation

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