Examples of our work

Elaboration of a development plan for ICT skills and strengthening capacity for Africa

For its project to develop digital skills across the continent, Smart Africa called on EFFIOS and One Point for the writing of a blueprint for the development of digital skills in all 54 African countries.

Advisement and research in the preliminary steps of a new digital school creation in Floirac

The municipality of Floirac aims to build a new primary school and early secondary school. In this context, the metropolis required an inventory of digital excellence in primary education based on the broadest basis: from architecture to emerging practices both within France and abroad.

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School Continuity and Data Management

Alors que l’urgence sanitaire appelle la fermeture des établissements, le Ministère commande à EFFIOS des tableaux de bord et des études pour mettre le Dispositif National de Mesure d'Audience (DNMA) au service du pilotage des projets territoriaux.

Deployment of ERAM in primary schools

Following the successful deployment of ERAM in middle and high schools, with half of French secondary schools connected in less than two years, we are helping the Ministry to connect all primary schools to ERAM by adapting our methodology and our tools.

Mesure d'audience des Espaces Numériques de Travail (ENT)

The Ministry of National Education and Youth has entrusted EFFIOS with assisting in the project management of the ENT audience measurement system for the next four years. This quantitative analysis system, with matching processes across several platforms, helps to understand and promote use at all decision-making levels.

Preparation for an Education / Industry foundation

The Ministry of National Education and Youth, in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the CNI, wishes to create a public utility foundation to leverage the financing of digital resources that enhance the industry in education. This approach is part of the continuity of the Etincel project and the multiple partnerships that have been forged between public and private actors at the national and regional level.

Analysis of an educational platform

Digitization of competitive entrance exams to management schools

EFFIOS carried out an international benchmark on the digitization of entrance examinations to the grandes écoles of management on behalf of the Passerelle association.

Project on digital skills

We are support UNESCO in the production and publication of a   report on digital skills internationally. This covers the following themes:

  • International benchmark of digital skills in children, young people, and adults.
  • Best performing countries case study: comparative research on contextual factors and public policies.
  • Collection of best practices to inform public policies.

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