As consultants, we are constantly in contact with innovative digital services and develop tools to support our clients. We incubate and accelerate our digital services projects within the LAB. 


EFFIOSLAB is a team of engineers with a wide range of technical and functional skills and specialized in the management of digital projects in the education sector and the development of innovative tools and solutions to address the challenges of educational actors.

Our expertise: data-driven management


To us, data is not an end in itself, but a precious key to spot good practices often drowned out by the mass and diversity of situations in the education sector. Public actors are designing tomorrow's educational policies in a complex digital environment. Data-based management is strategic in order to reach an audience that is both numerous and heterogeneous. It allows us to be more reactif, more precise, and more consensual.

Our vision

Our vision of data-based management is constructive and not punitive: the aim is not to single out bad practices, but to understand why something is not working in order to do better. This is particularly important as the education ecosystem is filled with partners and opportunities to support such an approach. Data alone is not enough - but by putting data into perspective, we can contribute to designing digital policies that truly serve students, teachers and schools. 

What's next?

  • Improving data quality by developing scripts that automatically identify inconsistencies.
  • Enrich the data by combining it with other sources.
  • Leverage the opportunities brought about by the rapid development of the mobile ecosystem to improve the management of educational policies


Case study: The Educational Resource Access Manager (ERAM)

The objective of the Educational Resource Access Manager (ERAM) is to connect students' VLE to all educational publishers in a way that is both simple and ensures protection of students' and teachers' personal data. Since 2016, EFFIOS has been supporting the Ministry of Education in the strategic planning, implementation and administrative management of ERAM. 

Throughout the project, data has been essential to ensure overall coherence between all project components : budgets, teams, putting ERAM expenditure into perspective with overall expenditure in digital resources, business model, etc.

Going much further than collecting and analyzing ERAM's internal statistics, we developed a well-rounded project management system to link the technical solution to the whole ecosystem of stakeholders engaged in the project.

1. Setting up a project and partnership management tool

Protecting students' personal data requires bringing together a complex ecosystem of actors. This is why we developed a free partnership management tool (Dolibarr) to organize the ecosystem. This tool allows us to:

  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Manage contracts
  • Manage the implementation of ERAM
  • Carry out statistical monitoring

2. Creating dashboards adapted to each decision-maker

We mix internal and external data to generate relevant dashboards adapted to the needs of each decision-maker: deployment indicators, usage indicators, national ratios, anomalies detected, etc.


3. Data analysis to spot good practices

From the mass of data collected, we carry out in-depth analyses to highlight the gaps between territories, understand what works and what doesn't, identify good practices or success factors, and share them with the whole network using a professional social networking tool (Rocket.Chat).

4. Data enrichment

By combining internal data from the solution with data from other systems (National Audience Measurement System of VLEs, regional statistics, etc.), we continuously enrich our analysis and understanding of each context.

Our results

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