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We believe in scientific research, in addition to professional expertise, in support of the construction of educational policies.

Our objective is to create synergies around Research & Development project in education and training, especially around digital or computer science.

Some publications from the EFFIOS team

Building tomorrow’s digital skills – what conclusion can we draw from international comparative indicators?

This working paper, co-authored by Simon Fau and Yasmeen Moreau, was produced for the Division for Policies and Systems of Lifelong Learning Paris of UNESCO’s Education Department. This report focuses on the conditions influencing the development of digital skills, based on five international comparative studies and a sample of twelve countries with a high level of digital skills in the population. Based on the results obtained, two questions are raised: what factors have enabled these countries to achieve a high level of digital skills, and how can other countries catch up?

Digital technology, an opportunity for school:

What will be the next steps in digital education? This book is a synthesis on the French situation. In the face of what might be perceived as a frenzy, it is neither a matter of maintaining fascination, nor of fear by developing the feeling that we can do nothing. This path invites us to seize the digital in education.

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  • Espace Numérique de Travail an X: 2003- 2013. Some comments from the Caisse des Dépôts' national hearing measurement system. Deployment of ENT and development of their use, impacts of ENT use…
  • Pour une évaluation partagée des usages des Espaces Numériques de Travail : Réalisation d’un outil de mesure d’audience. Published by La Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (October 2010).
  • L’Espace numérique de travail au collège et au lycée, mode d’emploi d’une généralisation. Published by the Cellule d'animation ENT - 2007

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